[SNES] bsnes v0.032a

Мало новостей на главной странице? Заметили, что обновился эмулятор, но всё ещё раздумываете, нужен он вам или нет? Здесь мы рассказываем о том, что не попадает на главную страницу.

[SNES] bsnes v0.032a

Непрочитанное сообщение neoforma » 26.05.08 в 2:50

В архиве с эмулятором теперь находится файл перевода интерфейса на русский язык.

byuu писал(а):A new version of bsnes has been released. This version includes multiple user interface enhancements, including localization support.
  • Core: simplified CPU / SMP flag calculations
  • Added ALSA audio output driver to Linux port [Nach]
  • Improved font handling for Windows and Linux ports
  • Greatly cleaned up the user interface
  • Windows port now uses Unicode instead of ANSI
  • Added localization support
  • Config and locale files can now be placed inside bsnes executable directory for single-user mode, if desired
  • Fixed crashing bug with HQ2x on Linux/amd64 port [RedDwarf, Nach]
  • Hid "Power Cycle" option by default, as it is too similar to "Reset"
  • Slighty tweaked program icon [FitzRoy]
  • Minor code cleanups -- replaced union bitfields with templates, improved memory allocation, etc

byuu писал(а):Very sorry for the inconvenience. Some last minute bugs snuck into the last release.

Also, I've added three new localizations: French (by tukuyomi), Portugese - Brazillain (by Hunter) and Russian (by Hatsuyuki). Dutch, Finnish and German should follow shortly, so be sure to check back in a week or two if you'd like one of those.

I forgot to mention this on the last update, but for any sites hosting the bsnes executable, you are free to distribute the archive with any locale you'd like. In fact, I'd prefer if you did, as it makes it easier for those who cannot read English.
  • Windows: file open filters are now working once again
  • All ports: emulation speed setting is now properly restored at startup
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