[PSX] ePSXe v1.7.0

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[PSX] ePSXe v1.7.0

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После почти пятилетнего перерыва эмулятор взял и обновился. В связи с этим Пит также обновил некоторые свои графические плагины.

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ePSXe v1.7.0, released on 24.05.2008

- Multiple changes has been done in the Pad support. This version supports
  the Axis LRX, axis with +/-/full ranges, and a important bug in vibration
  support has been fixed avoiding crashes. In the sio emulation section,
  this version includes better DualShock protocol support, including
  vibration in more games, and adding 2 new pad types, "DualAnalog" and
  "Negcon". Finally thanks to the new Pete's gpu plugins, a new type of
  "visual vibration" has been included, shaking the image when the
  game triggers a vibration effect. (Note: if you are using epsxe 1.6.0
  or older, it could be necessary to reconfigure the pad plugin in this
  new version).

- The internal SPU plugin has been updated to the 1.7.0 version. This
  version includes new effects like better envelope, noise, interpolation,
  frequency modulation, reverb and better synchronization between the core
  and the sound. Thanks to this last fix, the following games work better now:
  Metal Gear Solid, Valkyrie Profile, Eithea. Besides the spu API now
  includes support for CDDA playing, getting better CDDA sound and core
  synchronization, and compatibility with Vib Ribbon.

- In this new version, the iso support code has been rewritten. Now it supports
  the formats BIN/CUE, BIN/CCD and MDS/MDF (and minor fixes to ISO/NRG
  support). Besides, due to the changes in the internal spu plugin, now
  the CDDA sound is supported even when you run a iso game.
  Advice!!!: The files BIN/CUE, BIN/CCD must have the same name and
  different extension or the games will not be loaded

- The MDEC decoder has been rewritten in the new version to get
  new games playable suach as Area 51, Novastorm, Eggs of Steel
  and Maximum Force. It also fixes other minor bugs in other games
  like Rayman and Metal Gear Solid SM.

- In 1.7.0, thanks to Pete's help and his gpu plugins, the framelimit
  management has been changed. Now the framelimit is always
  enabled on startup and it can be toggled on/off with the F4 key.
  It is recommended that you update your GPU plugins to the
  version that will be released around the epsxe release date.

- In this new version, a new version of the Pete's Software Plugin is
  included in the plugins directory with the name "gpu.data. With the
  F7 key it is possible change on the fly between the selected gpu
  plugin and that gpu soft plugin. The software plugin "gpu.dat" can
  be configured in the GPU plugin configuration screen with the 3
  bottom buttons.

- The XA/CDDA support has been worked in this new version, fixing sound
  problems in the following games: Gamera 2000, The Putter Golf, Silverload,
  The Firemen 2 Pete & Danny, Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft,
  Chronicles of the Sword.

- Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which made at least 50 more games
  playable like, for example, Brigandine, Need for Speed 1, Harry Potter I&II,
  Danger Girl, Wacky Races, Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor, Shadow Madness,
  London Seirei Tantei-Dan, Monsters SA, Equestrian Showcase, Black Down,
  Paca Paca Passion 1/2/special, This is football 2, Formula 1 EA 2000,
  Winnie the Pooh, Formula one 99/2000/2001/arcade, Gegere No Kitarou,
  Konohana - True Report, Yukyu Gensokyoku 3 - Perpetual Blue,
  Tama - Adventurous Ball In Giddy Labyrinth, Future Cop LAP, Virus 2000,
  Spot goes to Hollywood, Pop'n music disney Tunes, Cosmic Race,
  Super Gals Kotubiran, Koran Karon, WWF in your house, Tales of Fandom,
  Transformers best of wars, Simple 1500 vol57 - the maze, Initial D,
  Jounetsu Nekketsu Athletes, Rise of Robots 2: Resurrecion,
  Tora Tora Tora, Victory Boxing Championship Edition, Final Fantasy 4,
  Vampire Hunter D and otros.

- Note: for information about compatibility and games's configuration,
  it is recommended that you visit the "Playstation Datacenter" at
  http://psxdata.snesorama.us/. We want to thank Gladiator who has
  been a very important help in betatesting the new version.
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