[TG16] Ootake v1.50

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[TG16] Ootake v1.50

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2008/05/14 1.50 released
  + Please let me do a little an important talk for the game field. It is
    continuation of the story (Input Delay(Lag) problem) written last time.
  + The delay influences people who do not feel the delay, too. Even if you
    cannot feel the delay, the difficulty of the game goes up certainly, and
    the pleasure of the game certainly falls. As a result, there might be a
    case that goes away from the game (Or, the played frequency decreases.
    Without recognizing the cause for myself).
  + "Golf game" is the most remarkable to feel the delay. Please play
    "Naxat Open"(the masterpiece golf game of "PC Engine") by full-screen(for
    easy to watch). And, watch the power meter(small circle) of the screen
    seriously when you swing. In the state, push the button of the pad when
    the power meter(small circle) came right above person's head. When playing
    with the display monitor where delay hardly exists, in "Ootake", the meter
    (small circle) stops at once if the button is pushed.
    But, in "MagicEngine(input-lag is large)", the meter(small circle) stops
    in the place that shifted to the right a little.
    If you do not push the button (do not shot) after this, this test can be
    repeated. Please try repeatedly. And, you must feel the difference of
    "Play Sense".
  + When you recognize the input-lag, if you push the button ahead of time, it
    becomes a temporary solution. However, you will not feel good feelings
    in the method. True interest of the action game is ruined.
    Though it is not desirable, the timing of the golf game can become
    accustomed. However, the timing of the baseball and tennis game becomes
    unnatural late. Because up, down, left, and right movement is necessary.
    Even the timing of other actions and shooting games is similar.
  + As a result, I strongly worry about the misunderstanding (difficult and
    not interesting for the delay) of the game.
    * Example of measures on emulator author side
      -> http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/delay.html
    * Measures on user side PC environment
      -> http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/delay-solution.html
  + Therefore, please read above-mentioned "Measures on user side PC
    environment", and make a good PC environment if possible. And, in
    "Ootake", enjoy playing "PC Engine(TG16)" games sincerely.
  + Thank you for reading. Hereafter, they are update details of v1.50.
  - "Show FPS" was added to "Info" menu. "Frame Rate (frames displayed per one
    second)" is displayed on the screen(left-bottom). When the personal
    computer is an enough speed, this keeps almost 60(occasional 59). When
    this frequently falls below 60, the processing speed of the personal
    computer is insufficient. In that case, please lighten the setting(
    FullScreen[F12] or "Volume->Light PSG" menu).
  - In the start demo of "Efera & Jiliora - The Emblem From Darkness", the bug
    that the voice had become interrupted (generated by v1.49) was corrected.
  - When source is compiled with gcc, the part that was not able to be
    compiled correctly according to the version of gcc was corrected.
  - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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