[TG16] Ootake v1.49

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[TG16] Ootake v1.49

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Несмотря на то, что у японского автора Китао Накамура совсем хреново с английским, он постарался донести до массовой аудитории информацию о том, что в Ootake скорость реакции эмулятора на нажатие клавиш больше соответствует действительности, чем в MagicEngine. Если кому-то интересно, то более подробно Delay Problem описывается на сайте автора.

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2008/05/07 1.49 released
  + This will be an important talk for the future of "PC Engine(TG16)"
    emulator. Please read though it is my not good English Language.
  + "Ootake" is not satisfied with "the game was able to be started".
    "The game can enjoy even ending" is a target. Therefore, Ootake sticks to
    detailed reproduction. Especially, it sticks to the reproduction of
    "Reactive speed of the Joypad".
  + Please do seriously and compare the Shooting & Action game by
    "MagicEngine(Charge)" and "Ootake(Free)". Perhaps, almost playing by
    "Ootake(the delay after the pad is operated is minimum)" will be able to
    take a high score. I think the difference of the operation feeling to be
  + This greatly influences "Played happiness", too. Though it becomes
    a severe opinion, it will not be able to enjoy the game enough by
    "MagicEngine(the delay from the pad operation to the reaction is large)".
    The delay also has danger of making it to the one to which even
    "Evaluation of the game" was mistaken. Therefore, "Ootake" is checked
    always severely "Whether it is possible to enjoy it by the sense similar
    to a real machine or not?". Because it is a respect of minimum to a past
    masterpiece "PC Engine(TG16)" game.
    About the delay measures of "Ootake"
     - http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/delay.html
  + There are no feelings that criticize "MagicEngine". I think that it did
    wonderful work. But, it greatly delayed the development of "PC Engine"
    emulator compared with other machine(NES,SNES,GENESIS,etc.) emulators.
    Because the monopolized (even the BAD ROM-image could be played)
    "MagicEngine" was "Source closed-door".
    Other machine(NES,SNES,GENESIS,etc.) emulators has developed greatly by an
    excellent source code and information on hot people.
  + Fortunately now, "Mednafen(Free)" and "Ootake(Free)" exist. Those
    reproduction level is higher than "MagicEngine". And, they keep disclosing
    the source and information.
    I feel that it is time when "MagicEngine" also discloses the source and
    information if "PC Engine(TG16) is loved. This is my selfish hope.
    Because the continuance of development can be handed over to young people
    who love retro game.
    "Even future generations keep telling an old masterpiece with perfect
    reproduction." I think that this is essence of the emulator.
  + Thank you for reading. Hereafter, they are update details of v1.49.
  - "Set Other SystemCard image" and "Play with Other SystemCard" were added
    to "CD-ROM" menu. "System card of an old version" can be set (It is
    possible up to two), and it can be started at once.
  - "Play with Backup-RAM Full" was added to "CD-ROM" menu. The state that the
    capacity of backup RAM becomes full is reproduced, and the warning screen
    of each game can be seen.
  - The processing part of ADPCM sound was brought close to a real machine. In
    "Urusei Yatsura", the warning voice full of the capacity of backup-RAM is
    sounded to the last minute.
  - When "Arunamu no Kiba" is started, the message of "Recommend Install" is
    displayed. ("CD-ROM->Install(CDspeed-up)" menu) Then, it is possible to
    play with stability.
  - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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