[ARC] MAME. MameUI32/64 v0.124u5

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[ARC] MAME. MameUI32/64 v0.124u5

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
01752: [Core] Warnings making standard .124u4 in GCC 4.3.0 (mingw)
       (Aaron Giles)
00149: [Misc.] No error report for invalid BIOS setting. (Aaron Giles)
01628: [Sound] bgaregga, bgareghk, bgaregnv, bgaregcn, bgaregt2:
       Sound broken (robiza)
01757: [Graphics] fieldday, undoukai: Graphics Corruption. (robiza)
00249: [Graphics] vangrd2: [possible] In cocktail mode, or when the
       flip screen dip is set, the score display is not flipped.
00506: [Graphics] marvins: Screen flipping isn't correctly supported
01744: [Graphics] gradius3, grdius3a, grdius3e: missing title text in
       intro (robiza)
01747: [Graphics] dietgo, dietgoe, dietgou, dietgoj: A ToDo note no
       more needed into the driver. (robiza)
01430: [Graphics] riskchal: Sprite-tile priority problem (robiza)
01750: [Graphics] troangel, newtangl: Corrupt sprite graphics in game

Source Changes
snookr10 updates: [Roberto Fresca]
- Decrypted the apple10 tile matrix.
- Partially decrypted the apple10 color codes.
- Added encryption notes.
- Updated technical notes.

Added DISCRETE_KEY_SALLEN_FILTER to discrete sound system.

Added discrete mixing and filtering to irem games using m52-sound-c
boards: mpatrol, travrusa. [couriersud]

Proper implementation of the tile/sprite priorities in m90 driver.
This fix priorities in quizf1, riskchal amd maybe more m90 games.
[robiza, Corrado Tomaselli]

Fix AY-3-8910/YM2149 and derivatives envelope handling. [couriersud]

Funworld games: [Roberto Fresca]
- Fixed AY8910 volume to all games to avoid clips.
- Merge bigdeal and funworld machine drivers thanks to the AY8910 rewrite.
- Removed old unaccurate commentary about magiccrd tiles.

De-hacked metro tilemaps. [David Haywood]

Sandii' Games: [Roberto Fresca]
- Created a new machine driver for tenballs due to different memory
- Worked all the input ports from the scratch.
- Fixed the sound ROM_REGION.
- Added the oki6295 emulation to all games.
- Hooked output ports.
- Documented and calculated all bits related to lamps.
- Adjusted palette lenght to 256 colors.
- Totally decrypted the apple10 color matrix. Now colors are perfect.
- Created a new machine driver for apple10 due to encryption.
- Reverse engineering the code to complete the DIP switches.
- Added diplocations to DIP switches.
- Promoted snookr10, apple10 and tenballs to 'WORKING' state.
- Added game instructions & notes.
- Updated encryption & technical notes.

NES/PlayChoice 10 changes: [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
- added support for mapping rom and ram in PPU video memory space
- added PinBot mapper (H board)

All CMC italian games: [Roberto Fresca]
- Added TICKET and HOPPER buttons to allow payout through the SUPER
- Documented the featured SUPER GAME with complete instructions.
- Improved DIP switches to properly set the payout system.

Changed the implementation of the cocktail mode in marvins.c.

Merged memory maps for tunhunt, tumblep, tugboat, trucocl, and truco.
[Andrew Gardner]

meritm driver updates: [Brian Troha, Tafoid]
- Consolidated, corrected and updated info
- Verified Megatouch IV program rom
- Corrected many rom names
- Add game revision to game name (IE: 9255-40-01 ROE)
- Added pals from Megatouch 6 to other sets as they all run on the
    same PCB
- Add the sound clock update from Tafoid

Massive update to ROM naming in the CPS1 driver, also loading smaller
eproms for Japanese sets instead of the larger mask ROMs where
possible. Added information about B-Board revisions where possible.
There is still work to do on this regard but this is a first step in
untangling the mess. [Nicola Salmoria]

Verified more CPS1 gfx ROM mappings against PALs.
[Nicola Salmoria, Corrado Tomaselli]

Fixed another opcode in match it 2. [robiza]

Converted the MSM6242 RTC into a proper device. [Dirk Best]

Removed deprecat.h from debugger.h to prevent hiding modules that
really needed to include deprecat.h. [Atari Ace]

Added support for 8080/85 mode interrupts to the 8259 PIC.
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Verified a "not sure" opcode in bombrman. [robiza]

Changed BIOS errors so that specifying an invalid BIOS is a warning,
not a fatal error. Also re-allowed "default" as a BIOS setting with
special meaning. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Quiz F-1 1,2finish [robiza]
PinBot (PlayChoice-10) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Snooker 10 [Roberto Fresca]
Apple 10 [Roberto Fresca]
Ten Balls [Roberto Fresca]

New clones added
Touch Master 3000 V5.02 [Brian Troha]
Megatouch IV (9255-40-01-ROE) [Brian Troha]
Dynasty Wars (US set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Final Fight (Japan 900112) [Chack'n]
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Euro 960229) [Razoola]
Raimais (Japan / First Revision) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Forgotten Worlds (World?) [The Guru]
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