[NES] Nestopia v1.38

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[NES] Nestopia v1.38

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  - Option to select favored console in preferences dialog.


  - Some video filtering work offloaded to the GPU.
  - Most settings now stored in XML format.
  - Misc launcher dialog display properties.
  - Refactoring.


  - Netplay input communication.
  - Netplay movie recording bug (menu item accidently grayed).



  - ROM sets and external database support using new XML format
    co-developed with Bootgod.   
  - Mapper 36, 103, 104, 106, 120, 126, 175, 176, 223 and 224.
    Info from mad dumper, CaH4e3 and Temryu.
  - UNIF boards GS-2013 and BS-5. info from CaH4e3.
  - Emulation of bus conflicts for certain boards. 
  - Database entries.


  - PPU power/reset timing and register states. Info from blargg.
  - Misc IRQ/NMI/BRK/DMA special-case behavior. Info from blargg.
  - NTSC/PAL switch during emulation will now force a hard-reset.
  - Misc mapper emulation improvements. Info from Bootgod.
  - NES-EVENT board timer more accurate.
  - Board names. Info from Bootgod.
  - Refactoring and mapper codebase overhaul.
  - Speed optimizations (accuracy NOT compromised!).
  - Mappers 21, 23, 25 and 185 no longer supported using plain iNES
    files because of format restrictions.

  - MMC3 soft-reset IRQ bug.
  - Database entries.
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