[TG16] Ootake v1.43

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[TG16] Ootake v1.43

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2008/04/05 1.43 released
  - "Screen->Show Overscan Area" menu was added. When the check is put on this
    menu, over scanning area (part not seen in edge usual TV of the
    cathode-ray tube almost) is displayed. I think that the person who was
    handling the monitor where the over scanning area is seen feels the
    * When the game is made, the over scanning area assumes the possibility of
      not seeing it. There is no problem even if it doesn't see it. Therefore,
      in some games, the noise image is displayed in the over scanning area.
    * The display can be switched by even pushing "F11" key. The switch of
      "TV Mode" changed to "F11" while pushing "Ctrl" key.
    * At "Setting->Screen->Start Overscan Customize" menu, the setting for the
      start is possible.
  - The processing speed and timing were elaborately brought close to a real
    machine. In "Metal Angel", the problem that the screen has blinked was
  - In "Dragon Spirit", "Ys IV", "Youkai Douchuuki" and "Legend of Hero
    Tomma", even when the turbo-button(auto-fire) setting was set to "High
    Speed", the function became effective.
  - With the game for "PC Engine Mouse", the click operation can be done by
    even pushing "I" button and "II" button of the joypad (controller 1). And,
    a wrong reset operation was prevented when the wheel(SELECT&RUN) is
  - In "Side Arms (Hu-Card)", the problem that some raster scrolls fell into
    disorder occasionally was solved.
  - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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