[ARC] MAME, MameUI32 и MameUI64 v0.123u6

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[ARC] MAME, MameUI32 и MameUI64 v0.123u6

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Aaron Giles писал(а):Grab it from the Source Updates page. This is the “big pile o’ bugfixes” release prior to MAME 0.124, which will hopefully happen this weekend or early next week. There are also a few other nice goodies included this time around.

Please report bugs over at the new MAMETesters bug database. As you can see, we are paying attention!

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01520: [DIP/Input] wilytowr, atomboy: dipswitch info
- 01236: [DIP/Input] psurge: Power Surge isn't coining up.
- 01521: [Gameplay] ar_sdwr: Game hangs on title screen
- 01477: [Gameplay] metamrph, metamrpj, metamrpu: Game doesn't start
- 01452: [Misc.] boobhack: Crashes
- 01474: [Sound] ninjakd2, ninjak2a, ninjak2b, rdaction: Ninja-Kid II
         sound problem
- 01461: [Misc.] mazinger: reset caused by the watchedog message
- 01440: [Speed] mazingar, agallet: Terrible slow down in some scenes.
- 01087: [Misc.] spbactn, spbactnj: Crash in debug build. Corrupted
         graphics in normal build.
- 00223: [Graphics] splndrbt: On the first level when you pass the
         asteroid belt the star road should be light blue instead of
         black like mam
- 00220: [Graphics] splndrbt: Concerning the gfx, on the pcb the
         background is not linear as shown in mame.
- 00217: [Graphics] splndrbt: On boot the pcb displays a clean light
         blu screen while in mame there is a black road.
- 01531: [Misc.] polygon-based drivers: winwork.c memory leak
- 00150: [Misc.] alpinr2b, alpinesa : Assertion with -debug
- 01462: [Save/Restore] atarimo_render-based drivers: Crash when
         loading an autosave save state
- 01538: [Core] -verifysamples: Inconsistent handling of missing
         sample sets
- 01491: [Interface] switchres causes Exception at EIP=009413BF:
- 01529: [Misc.] AICA memory leak
- 01511: [Save/Restore] batman: Fails to load autosave state
- 01536: [Misc.] uballoon: Access Violation with -debug
- 01535: [Misc.] usclssic: Access Violation with -debug
- 01465: [Misc.] topgunnr: Crashes
- 01534: [Misc.] ajax, ajaxj, typhoon: Access Violation with -debug
- 01019: [Sound] Various Drivers: List of drivers with sound clipping
- 01499: [Multisession] Various Drivers: Launching games from in-game
         [TAB] menu 2-3 times in a row throws access violation.
- 01453: [Misc.] troangel, newtangl: Crashes
- 01463: [Misc.] connect4, mpu4met0, mpu4tst2, mpu4utst, bctvidbs:
- 01475: [Misc.] Screenless systems are broken because of a vblank
- 01486: [Gameplay] meritm.c: access violation for all games
- 01530: [Misc.] Various Drivers: bitmap memory leaks
- 01508: [Misc.] most vector-based drivers: Assertions
- 01527: [Misc.] all meritm.c drivers: Assertion
- 01528: [Misc.] pzlestar, sexyboom: Assertion
- 01522: [Misc.] all ddragon.c drivers: Assertion
- 01523: [Misc.] nkdodge, nkdodgeb, spdodgeb: Assertion
- 01524: [Misc.] btoads: Assertion
- 01526: [Misc.] futflash, laserbas, laserbsa: Assertion
- 01507: [Misc.] all naomi.c drivers: Assertion
- 01503: [Misc.] sidearjp, sidearmr, sidearms: Assertion
- 01509: [Misc.] backfire, backfira: Assertion
- 01501: [Misc.] all m107.c drivers: assertion
- 01504: [Misc.] all leland.c drivers: Assertion
- 01506: [Misc.] all ataxx.c drivers: Assertion
- 01500: [Misc.] all astrocde.c drivers: assertion
- 01514: [Misc.] all cyberbal.c drivers: Assertion
- 01515: [Misc.] all atarig42.c drivers: Assertion
- 01516: [Misc.] all atarigx2.c drivers: Assertion
- 01517: [Misc.] all atarigt.c drivers: Assertion
- 01505: [Misc.] all vicdual.c drivers: Assertion
- 01512: [Misc.] beathead: Assertion
- 01496: [Misc.] all segae.c drivers: Crashing with Access Violation
- 01498: [Gameplay] otwalls: Hangs before the game starts.

Source Changes
Added a new device type for timers. Where applicable, added a parallel
set of timer functions that take a device_config instead of an
emu_timer. Added MDRV_TIMER_* macros to define the timers in the
machine driver. Implemented both periodic and scanline-based timer
variants. Modified Space Encounters and Centipede to make use of this
feature. Going forward, this is the preferred way of creating periodic
timers. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Renamed *_vbl_cb to *_vblank_callback. [Aaron Giles]

Magicfly updates: [Roberto Fresca]
- Completed the component list & PCB layout.
- Added technical references to register $63 (magicfly).
- Switched crystal to new predefined format.

Funworld updates: [Roberto Fresca]
- Added proper inputs to jolyc980.
- Added temporary patch to allow bypass the "code" screen in jolyc980.
- Updated technical notes.

Changed exidy440_sound_command back to "UINT8." Since it's used by
both 8-bit and 16-bit systems, the automatic allocation is not worth
it if you need an ugly UINT16 ** cast. Removed deprecat.h from some of
the exidy files. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixed Air Buster bootleg from reseting because of the watchdog.
[Zsolt Vasvari]

The on-screen "Reset by watchdog" message only appears in debug
builds now. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixed the top screen in the megatech games. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Added internal artwork for Gorf. [Mr. Do!]

Fixed memory leak in clifront.c. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Added a crosshair_set_screen() to allow drivers to control which
screen(s) on which crosshairs are displayed. [Nathan Woods]

Made it a fatalerror to registr save state callbacks at the wrong time
if the current driver claims to support save states. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed chicken and egg problem with device_start callbacks:
[Aaron Giles]

- Added DEVINFO_INT_TOKEN_BYTES, which is queried before device
   startup. It should return the size of the structure that will
   be hung off of device->token. It must not return 0.

- Changed the core device interface to allocate and zero a block
   of memory the size of DEVINFO_INT_TOKEN_BYTES before calling
   device_start. The pointer to this memory is already attached
   to device->token at the time device_start is called.

- The primary motivation for this is to allow the device_start
   function to make internal calls and pass the device_config *
   around as if the object were fully constructed. Since the token
   is used to indicate whether or not a device is live, this makes
   the device "live" at the time device_start is called rather
   than after it completes.

Moved per-screen initialization into DEVICE_START and per-screen
cleanup into DEVICE_STOP in the core video implementation.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed render_target_get_minimum_size() to return nominal values
if no screens are found. [Aaron Giles]

Alpha Denshi major update: [Nicola Salmoria]
- Fixed Alpha 8201/830x MCU simulation.
   - all hacks from the equites driver removed
   - fixed equites restart position after going underground
   - fixed hvolume, splndrbt 2 players
   - removed hacks from exctsccr2
   - fixed CPU gameplay in shougi
- added dump of Alpha 8201 MCU to games that use it
   (the ROM isn't used yet, HMCS44 CPU core needs to be written first)
- major cleanup of the mess in equites.c:
   - many thanks to Corrado Tomaselli for precious hardware info.
   - implemented bg perspective scrolling using PROMs
   - fixed sprite flip & disable
   - fixed bg color
   - converted bg to tilemaps
   - fixed fg banking
   - fixed screen flip
   - removed meaningless banking of player inputs
   - added UI adjuster for MSM5232 frequency
   - MSM5232 volume control
- fixed MSM5232 noise LFSR formula (done by Jarek Burczynski;
    thanks to Corrado Tomaselli for samples)
- changed MSM5232 emulator to output channels separately
- added output of SOLO channels to MSM5232 emulator.
- fixed champbas inputs
- merged talbot with champbas, some driver clenaup
- fixed shougi inputs
- switched exctsccb to use the correct gfx ROMs (matches screenshot
    found in 01058 exctsccb: Exciting soccer bootleg should be placed
    in champbas.c.)
- fixed sprite bpp in exctscrr, removed the horrible hacks that were
    used to fix colors and transparency.
- fixed sound clipping in exctsccr
- added percussions to the equites.c games using samples; sound board
    emulation is still not complete. Cymbal hit and hi-hat are
    missing; bassline is incorrect, and DAC output should be filtered

Fixed crash in spbactn. [Zsolt Vasvari]

In drawgfx, removed unneeded pen lookups. Did some code formatting
clean-up. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixed ninjakd2 PCM sample rate to match pcb measurement.
[Nicola Salmoria]

Fixed chdman -extract to a physical drive on Windows. [Aaron Giles]

Added return value to video_screen_update_partial() indicating whether
or not the VIDEO_UPDATE was called as a result. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed typo in pitnrun frequency. [Corrado Tomaselli]

DIP switch improvements: [RansAckeR]
1945kiii.c, 88games.c and 40love.c: Made use of PORT_DIPUNKNOWN_DIPLOC
40love.c: Made use of PORT_INCLUDE
8080bw.c: Added more dip locations; Made use of PORT_INCLUDE
wilytowr.c: Added dip locations for atomboy/wilytowr; Fixed coin modes
battlane.c, battlera.c, battlnts.c, bbusters.c: added dip locations
battlnts.c: made use of PORT_INCLUDE; fixed unknown dip switch
bbusters.c: added note regarding correct gun calibration
bionicc.c: Added dip locations
bladestl.c: Added dip locations, made use of PORT_INCLUDE
blockade.c: made use of PORT_INCLUDE
beezer.c: Added dip locations
bfm_sc2.c: dip switch improvements, made use of PORT_INCLUDE

Conerted the MPU4 driver to use an HD6845, as the Hitachi part was on the
PCB, while also using it to generate the VBLANK, rather than hardcoding
a value. Added the pulldown resistor to the network, and added all the
conditional inputs. Please note that on the later Cabinet Types (Ready
Steady Go-1 onwards), the 10p slot is locked out (location of the true
register for this is unknown), but the input setting is correct - you
have to use Coin 2 or higher to get money in. [James Wallace]

Fixed "garbage" (newlines) in the debugger window when debugging the
SH-4 CPU. [Oliver Stoenberg]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Gekisou [Nicola Salmoria]
Pot Game (italian) [Roberto Fresca]

New clones added
Pitfall II (315-5093, Flicky Conversion) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Thunder Dragon (4th Jun. 1991) [Corrado Tomaselli]

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