[TG16] Ootake v1.35

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[TG16] Ootake v1.35

Непрочитанное сообщение neoforma » 01.02.08 в 19:46

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2008/02/01 1.35 released
  - The function to convert a "bad 3Mbit Rom-image file (over dumped with
    specific dump machine)" was added.
    * Operating a "bad Rom-image file" troubles other PCE/TG16 emulators.
      The converted "just proper" image file can be used with
      [a lot of other Free PCE/TG16 emulators], too. This is a "fair" method
      for the "PC Engine & TurboGrafx16" emulator and the PCE/TG16's fan.
  - When setting it to "BigAudioBuffer Mode", the amount of the buffer was
    increased. As a result, tone quality has improved.
  - "FullScreen Customize" menu was added to "Screen" menu. It is possible to
    use it by an arbitrary display resolution at full-screen.
    And, when the check is put on "FullScreen ResolutionAuto Change" of
    "FullScreen Customize" menu, "display resolution" can be automatically
    switched by "resolution of the game (width 256,336,512)". * It is a
    function to use it on the display such as 15kHz cathode-ray tubes.
  - In the SuperGrafx's game with black belt display right and left, the bug
    to which garbage had been ultra uncommonly displayed was corrected.
  - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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