[ARC] MAME, MameUI32 и MameUI64 v0.122u1

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[ARC] MAME, MameUI32 и MameUI64 v0.122u1

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Aaron Giles писал(а):As a little pre-Christmas treat, we have the first update to MAME 0.122 posted at the Source Updates page. The big news here is a working driver for the upright Buggy Boy, thanks to Philip Bennett. Haze and Dox have been busy cleaning up the afega and nmk16 drivers, and as a result a large number of previously non-working games are now working. In addition to the Buggy Boy work, Philip also submitted a nice fix to the Namco NA1 sound which improves the results substantially.

Happy holidays!

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
ym2610_0119u2gre [Philip Bennett]

Source Changes
Zeus updates: [Aaron Giles]
* Figured out data format of 2 matrix form.
* Extracted data for lights.
* Added backface culling which mostly works but fails sometimes, so
    it is disabled.
* Started on some initial lighting calculations.
* Cleaned up zeus wave RAM accessors.
* Changed rendering code to allow for greater parallelism on multicore
* Removed some vestigial zeus 2 hacks.
* Reduced visible area to remove artifacts.
* Made right/bottom vertices inclusive to fix some gapping issues.
* Fixed invasn lightgun offset.

Zeus 2 hardware:
* Fixed ROM loading, added banking support.
* Separated zeus 2 video implementation from zeus implementation.
* Implemented direct pixel accesses; enough to get startup screens
    to show.
* Hooked up ZPRAM.
* Fixed digital inputs for crusnexo.
* Fixed default screen parameters to match the games.

Afega/nmk16 cleanups: [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
* Merged afega.c and nmk16.c drivers
* Removed many hacks from both.
* Fixed a number of games

Fixed C219 sample read order and implemented sign+magnitude format.
Removed GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND flag from all Namco NA-1 games.
[Philip Bennett]

Fixed ROM-based DCS2 system to ignore HLE transfers. (Fixes broken
sound in invasn.) Properly reduced internal memory on the ADSP-2104
variants. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug that would cause events to leak through to the game when the
debugger was up. [Aaron Giles]

Verified some cpu clocks of original boards using a frequency counter:
[Corrado Tomaselli]
* Changed Success Joe Ym2203 clock from 3mhz to 4mhz
* Changed Pang M6295 clock from 990khz to 1Mhz
* Changed Halley Comet main cpu clock to 1.664mhz (it's not a
    mistake, the clock is very low)
* Besides confirming clocks on some games, I modified:
* Aerofighters and Turbo Force sound z80 to 5mhz
* Midnight Resitance 68k cpu to 10mhz (20mhz crystal) and modified
    m6295 clock to 1mhz. Also confirmed pin 7 is high.
    (Midnight resistance has a lot of slow downs on the pcb too)

Minor "code quality" improvements: [Atari Ace]
* fixed some remaining static/const qualifier missed cases
* fixed some missing #include "foo.h"
* a few global names were modified to make them less generic/more
    consistent (voodoo.c, vrender0.c, lethal.c, rungun.c, zac2650.c)
* some dead/useless code was removed (i8051.c,model1.c,romcmp.c)

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Invasion [Aaron Giles]
Buggy Boy Junior/Speed Buggy (Upright) [Philip Bennett]
Task Force Harrier [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
US AAF Mustang [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
Black Heart [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
Red Hawk [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
Stagger I [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
Sen Jin - Guardian Storm [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
Spectrum 2000 [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]
Fire Hawk [David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina]

New clones added
World Class Bowling (v1.3) [Brian Troha]

John IV писал(а):v.122.1
Fixed long standing issue where icons would corrupt and return to their defaults if scrolled through entire game list [René Single / John IV]
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