[TG16] Ootake v1.30

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[TG16] Ootake v1.30

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2007/12/14 1.30 released
  - The processing part of "CPU(HuC6280)" and "BG drawing" were sped up. I
    think that processing lightened in some measure of a personal computer
    environment so not fast.
  - Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. At "Mugen
    Senshi Valis" of the game over scene, the problem that the screen had
    occasionally freezed was solved. At "Power Sports (World Sports
    Competition)" of the news scene, The disorder of one frame was solved.
    I think the operation timing have approached a real machine in other
    software, too.
  - "Mute PSG Channel 1"-"Mute PSG Channel 6" was added to "Volume" menu. When
    "Output WAV file", use it when you want to mute a specific sound (shot
     sound and jump sound, etc.).
  - In "File->Setting of Output WAV->Start at the Next Tune" menu function, at
    the tune to which the sampling sound is multiused, The problem that it was
    not occasionally recognized to have moved to the following tune was
  - The CD-ROM access processing part has been improved. When resetting it
    with "SELECT+RUN" button while accessing CD-ROM, the problem that had been
    occasionally freezed was solved.
  - Processing that decided drawing beginning line was brought close to a real
    machine. In "Mizubaku Daibouken (Liquid Kids)" , when the thunder item was
    taken, the width of the shake of the screen was brought close to a real
    machine. At "Dragon Ball Z" of the opening demo, the problem that the
    screen has fallen into disorder was solved.
  - In "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari", when playing with a fast CD-ROM drive
    environment, the problem that ADPCM voice of the elder sister in the
    bookstore became interrupted occasionally was solved.
  - In "Nekketsu Koukou Soccer Hen", the problem that the character display
    had occasionally received in the status display part was solved.
  - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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