[TG16] Ootake v1.29

Мало новостей на главной странице? Заметили, что обновился эмулятор, но всё ещё раздумываете, нужен он вам или нет? Здесь мы рассказываем о том, что не попадает на главную страницу.

[TG16] Ootake v1.29

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2007/12/07 1.29 released
  - "Output WAV File" menu was added to "File" menu.
    The recording starts when this menu is executed. Afterwards, when paused
    ("Esc" key or mouse   click), the recording ends. And "setting and function
    to record beautifully" was put, too.
  - If the "hes file (PCE sound file)" is opened, when the tune is selected
    with I-button or II-button, the no sound time of 0.5 seconds is inserted.
    (possible to release it by "File->Setting of Output WAV" menu)
  - "3Quarters" (volume of 3/4) was added to "Volume" menu.
  - In "Lodoss Tou Senki II", at the scene of "After the last boss", the
    problem that the upper part of the screen had flickered was solved.
  - When "Youkai Douchuuki" was started, the multi-tap was removed
  - At the opening title of "Chou Aniki", the problem that the logo shook
    occasionally was solved.
  - A detailed part of RAM access of CPU (zero page access) was brought close
    to a real machine. (Information from PC2E author Mr.Ki)
  - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
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