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[CONS] Mednafen v0.8.5

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   Fixed a crashing bug when loading an uncompressed file and using the automatic IPS-patching feature when mmap() is available.

   PCE, PC-FX:  All SCSI CDROM commands are now logged in the debugger's log viewer(when logging is enabled, of course).

   Added group support to the debugger's log viewer.

   PC-FX:  Renamed the type of BIOS ROM font calls in the debugger's log viewer from "BIOS" to "ROMFONT".

   PC-FX:  BIOS filesystem syscall(for backup memory access) calls are now logged in the debugger's log viewer.

   PC-FX:  Added internal backup memory and external backup memory address spaces to the debugger's memory editor.

   PC-FX:  In the 263-line mode, line 262 is now reported as being during blanking time(as on a real PC-FX).  Fixes the annoying transparency layer
   flickering and other weird graphical glitches in Der Langrisser FX.

   Added setting "filesys.disablesavegz", to disable gzip compression when saving save states and backup memory.
   (In the case of backup memory, disabling gzip compression isn't supported for GB yet)