[ARC] MAME и MameUI32 v0.121

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[ARC] MAME и MameUI32 v0.121

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
dunhuang0120u3gra [Vas Crabb]

Source Changes
Updated DIP locations in the following drivers: [Vas Crabb]
- bublbobl.c: bublbobl, tokio
- cps1.c: all games
- dunhuang.c: dunhuang
- mario.c: marked all as active high (confirmed from manuals)
- segag80r.c: astrob2, astrob1, spaceod and pignewt
- segag80v.c: all games, fixed switch ordering

Made more functions static to reduce namespace pollution.
[Atari Ace]

Improvements to the Touchmaster driver, still labelled not working.
You can actually play tm and tm3k, but sometimes you have to reset
because they stop registering the touchscreen input. tm4k is
protected and hence totally unplayable. [Luca Elia]

Fixed compilation problems with altivec accelerators. [Vas Crabb]

Fixed bug in Voodoo statistics accumulation. [Atari Ace]

Reverted to old behavior where even with -switchres disabled,
MAME will use exclusive mode when rendering with Direct3D. This
means some of the switching to/from fullscreen mode problems will
come back, but should prevent confusion over poor performance by
default. [Aaron Giles]

Made it a non-fatal error if we are unable to change a joystick to
absolute mode in the Windows input code. Some drivers apparently
freak out about this. [Aaron Giles]

Defined a couple more inline functions: div_64x32_rem and the
unsigned equivalent divu_64x32_rem. Added inline implementations
for GCC x86 and MSVC. [Aaron Giles, Vas Crabb]

Cleaned up timer interfaces. Created new module attotime which manages
a new structure type attotime, equivalent to the old mame_time. All
time math functions are now implemented in attotime and have been
removed from timer.h. The following search/replace over the code has
been made:

   mame_time              -> attotime
   subseconds_t           -> attoseconds_t
   time_zero              -> attotime_zero
   time_never             -> attotime_never
   make_mame_make         -> attotime_make
   mame_time_to_subseconds-> attotime_to_attoseconds
   mame_time_to_double    -> attotime_to_double
   double_to_mame_time    -> double_to_attotime
   add_mame_times         -> attotime_add
   add_subseconds_to_mame_time -> attotime_add_subseconds
   sub_mame_times         -> attotime_sub
   sub_subseconds_from_mame_time -> attotime_sub_subseconds
   scale_up_mame_time     -> attotime_mul
   scale_down_mame_time   -> attotime_div
   compare_mame_times     -> attotime_compare

In addition, all the mame_timer_* functions have been renamed back to
their original names timer_*, so it is timer_set() instead of
mame_timer_set() once again. The mame_timer object itself has been
renamed to emu_timer.

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Best Of Best [Luca Elia]

New clones added
Cluedo (prod. 2) [James Wallace]
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