[CONS] Mednafen v0.8.4 RC3

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[CONS] Mednafen v0.8.4 RC3

Непрочитанное сообщение neoforma » 21.10.07 в 19:51

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   PCE:  Added preliminary(it works, but the code needs to be cleaned) ADPCM support for HES rips.

   PCE:  Interrupts will be enabled with a CLI after a HES' init routine is called, to fix rips that neglect to do it themselves.

   PCE:  Added support for HES rips that try to write data where it really shouldn't be written(some CD-ROM game rips do this), though a warning
   will be printed the first time this occurs after loading.

   PCE:  Added sanity checks to the HES loader to prevent crashes if invalid data is present.

   PCE:  Reads from the I/O port will now return D7 as clear when emulating a PCE CD game.

   PCE:  ADPCM RAM is now reset(to 0) on emulated PCE reset.

   PCE:  Sprites trying to pull tile data from $8000-FFFF of VRAM will now be invisible(probably not correct, but trying to emulate indeterminate
   effects is too difficult :b).  Fixes a minor sprite garbage issue in Camp California.

   PCE, PC-FX:  Fixed VRAM DMA source/dest increment/decrement bits(the source and dest were flipped).  Fixes a problem with Fushigi no Yume no Alice.

   Moved some code in the source root directory to appropriate subdirectories.

   Added setting <system>.debugger.disfontsize, valid settings being "xsmall", "small"(default), "medium", and "large", to control the font
   size used to draw the disassembly text.  Note that there may be overlap with other parts of the debugger at font sizes larger than the default.

   Refactored a few address space and register group debugger support functions out of individual system code.

   Fixed various low-impact memory leaks.

   The version of Mednafen last run is now stored in the configuration file as a comment(this will be necessary for changes in 0.8.5 or later
   that will involve proper escaping/unescaping and quoting of strings, to prevent problems with extra whitespace added by manually editing
   the configuration file).

   Fixed state rewinding on big-endian machines, and removed some unnecessary operations from the state rewinding code path.

   Mednafen will now refuse to try to load ROM images larger than 64MiB, as a sanity check.

   mmap() and madvise() will now be used to load ROM images, assuming they're available(UN*X only, generally).

   Errors during automatic IPS patching are now fatal.

   Sped up loading gzip'ed ROM images.

   Removed a global variable from the NES emulation code that had invaded state.cpp.  Though, this makes the error message when trying to use
   save states with authentic Game Genie emulation very unhelpful...

   GBA:  Added support for loading a real GBA BIOS ROM image, using the setting "gba.bios".

   GBA:  Added the ability to specify the backup memory type for games by creating a file with the same name as the ROM image,
   with the extension replaced with "type", in the "sav" directory under the Mednafen base directory.
    Example: SexyPlumbers.gba -> SexyPlumbers.type

   One or more of the following strings(on separate lines) may appear in the file:

   Additionally, the flash size can be specified by specifying the size(real size, or divided by 1024) after the type, like "flash 128" or
   "flash 131072".

   PCE:  Improved noise LFSR and volume emulation, thanks to cgfm2 for the detailed information.
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