[ARC] MAME и MAME32 v0.120

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[ARC] MAME и MAME32 v0.120

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Aaron Giles писал(а):Come and grab the latest official “stable” build of MAME from the Latest Release page, or from the ZTNet Mirror. As of this release, I am officially producing a 64-bit native Windows binary along with the usual 32-bit builds to help encourage more testing of the 64-bit native code. For the most part, games run at least as well as the 32-bit versions, and some run significantly better thanks to the architectural improvements of native 64-bit mode.

Another notable change with this release is the movement of some core shared files in the source tree. A number of files in the mame/machine and mame/video directories were really more core shared components, and so they have been given a new home in the emu/machine and emu/video directories.

As always, report bugs with this version over at MAMETesters. Have fun!

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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

Source Changes
Added "native" architecture option to the makefile. Use this to have
gcc automatically pick the most appropriate architecture based on
the system that it is compiling on. [Christophe Jaillet]

Hooked up the KL5C80 communications CPU to the HNG64 BIOS and emulated
some of its features. [Andrew Gardner, Justin Kerk]

Fixed a few pointer truncation bugs in the Windows 64-bit code.
Enabled warnings for 64-bit pointer truncations. Merged the x86 and
x64 manifests. [Atari Ace]

Changed 6821 PIA logging so that it only logs core messages once.
[Tim Lindner]

Updates to various NeoGeo ROMsets. Some ROM names updated to match
verified names from chip labels. A lot of "older" sets have been
redumped to investigate the "64k m1/s1 issue" (also the m1
"overdumps"). Result was, ALL m1 ARE at least 128kx8; ALL s1 ARE
128kx8. The old m1 "overdumps" were incomplete dumps. In addition,
it has been discovered that all "p-roms" do have a minimum size of
4mbit. A number of sets have been restored to their "original"
state, and a number of others have been marked as bad dumps where
appropriate. Specific changes include: [Johnboy]
- bjourney: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- bstars: fully redumped, added correct m1
- bstars2: fully redumped, added correct m1
- goalx3: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- janshin: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- joyjoy: added correct m1
- legendos: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- maglord: fully redumped, added correct m1
- mutnat: partially redumped, added correct m1
- nam1975: fully redumped, added correct m1/s1
- ncombata: fully redumped, renamed set to ncombath
- neomrdo: readded 128k s1 from Mame v0.34b5
- pbobblen: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- puzzledp: readded 128k s1 from Mame v0.34b5
- ridhero: fully redumped, added correct s1
- socbrawl: readded 128k s1 from Mame v0.34b5
- ssideki2: fully redumped
- strhoop: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- svc: removed MVS tag, only one version exists (AES/MVS/PCB)
- svcboot: removed MVS tag
- tws96: readded 128k m1 from Mame v0.34b5
- viewpoin: readded 128k m1/s1 from Mame v0.34b5
- wh2j: partially redumped, renamed to wh2jh, is verified AES version
- wh2j: fully redumped, is verified MVS version
- wh1h: fully redumped, is verified AES version
- wh1ha: renamed from wh1h to wh1ha

Made several more traditional optimizations to the voodoo emulations,
gaining a few percent improvement. [Aaron Giles]

Further tweaked the work code to appropriately check for work items
versus checking for the number of outstanding items. [Aaron Giles]

Simplified some of the model2 rendering code. [Aaron Giles]

Moved a number of files from mame/machine and mame/video to
emu/machine and emu/video. In general, files that emulate a common
industry standard chip (as opposed to custom, manufacturer-specific
chips) were moved. Further moves may happen in the future to
isolate common system-level components (such as amiga, snes, etc.).
[Aaron Giles, Curt Coder]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Hayaoshi Quiz Ouza Ketteisen - The King Of Quiz [Luca Elia]

New clones added
World Heroes (set 3) [Johnboy]
World Heroes 2 Jet (set 2) [Johnboy]
Nightmare in the Dark (bootleg) [Johnboy]
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