[U64] U64Emu v3.05

Мало новостей на главной странице? Заметили, что обновился эмулятор, но всё ещё раздумываете, нужен он вам или нет? Здесь мы рассказываем о том, что не попадает на главную страницу.

[U64] U64Emu v3.05

Непрочитанное сообщение neoforma » 07.09.07 в 12:43

Как следует из дат, эмулятор давно не обновлялся.

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3.05 10/13/02
320x240 Resolution has been added. No source update.

3.04 10/08/02
The 'scanline emulation' video mode is now fixed. Sound is enabled
again. No source update.

3.02 10/07/02
There were a couple of small items in the 3.01 release that needed attention.
First, the screen resolution for window mode was broken.  Second, there was
a small core bug for the Addiu instruction. I fixed both of these.

3.01 10/03/02 (post-source release)
I've made a few small changes to U64Emu. The two versions of U64Emu
(for KI and KI2) are now combined. The GUI has been reworked and
hopefully it will be easier to use. When you run U64Emu for the first time,
be sure and go through all the setting and make sure they are correct.
Your old settings will probably not be preserved from the previous versions.
Due to numerous requests, there are now options to turn off HLE and to set
the target frame rate. I am sure there are some new bugs here and there,
but I think this release is pretty solid.
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