[TG16] MagicEngine v1.0.0 PR10.1

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[TG16] MagicEngine v1.0.0 PR10.1

Непрочитанное сообщение neoforma » 05.09.07 в 16:00

Поскольку на сайте была достаточно древняя версия, то здесь указаны все изменения, произошедшие после неё.

Код: Выделить всё
    v1.0.0 PR 10.1:

          - fixed DirectX vsync bug
          - fixed Street Fighter II' 6-button bug
          - fixed a few more glitches in HuCard games

    v1.0.0 PR 10:

          - completed the DirectX driver! :)
          - added a new command line option '-nocd' to disable
            the CD driver; useful when running ROMs from a front end
            program, this will speed up MagicEngine startup time
          - new 'driver' option in the pce.ini file to select
            the video driver (DirectX or OpenGL)
          - new 'background_scrolling' option to enable/disable
            MagicEngine logo scrolling in the GUI
          - enabled alt+enter key to toggle between fullscreen<->windowed
          - fixed screen centering in Aoi Blink, After Burner II and
            TV Sports Basketball
          - fixed minor glitches in a few HuCard games

    v1.0.0 PR 9:

          - improved sound emulation; better volume envelope and better noise
          - new sound interpolation mode : oversampling (x4)
          - fixed missing raster colors (Soldier Blade, Power Drift,
            Manji Maru, etc...)
          - enabled Magic System; improved version with music player
          - enabled CD-ROM cache; 'cache' and 'cache_size' options added
            in the pce.ini file
          - added keyboard/gamepad support in the sound and video config menus
          - enabled mouse wheel support
          - fixed screensaver problem
          - added back the 'res_lock' and 'esc_key_mode' options
          - added back support for old state files
          - added support for CD patch files (PPF); to play YS IV in English :D
          - enabled internal CD-ROM database
          - added two buttons in the video config panel to enable/disable
            the FPS counter and the volume meter
          - improved the speed of the high res mode by about 20%
          - fixed Tenchi wo Kurau screen centering

    v1.0.0 PR 8:

          - added a 'frameskip' option in the pce.ini file and
            in the gamepad/keyboard misc config menu
          - added a 'slideshow' option for the 'load ROM' menu
          - re-organized the video driver code; in planning of DirectX support
          - added an icon to the .exe :)
          - fixed a bug in the gamepad code (stuck directions bug)
          - fixed Steam Heart's crash
          - fixed Jantei Monogatari III crash
          - fixed Gunbuster ADPCM looping bug
          - fixed Yuna HuVideo movie
          - fixed Exile
          - adjusted Loom screen centering

    v1.0.0 PR 7:

          - added Game Express CD detection
          - improved the 'boot cd' menu; it can now list up to 4 drives
            and a file selector was added to set the system cards path
          - fixed Populous
          - fixed Dracula X graphics bug
          - fixed Spriggan crash
          - fixed music speed problem in Cross Wiber and Nazo no Masquerade
          - changed the turbo mode button behavior
          - added back the 'drive' and 'drive_letter' options
            in the pce.ini file
          - added back the sprite and background layer switches
          - added more options in the gamepad/keyboard misc config menu
          - added auto fire options
          - added back the option to display ROMs filename in the load menu
          - fixed the font size bug in the main menu

    v1.0.0 PR 6:

          - improved the CD audio emulation (the PCE CD player is fully
            functionnal now)
          - fixed Street Fighter 2' crash
          - fixed Snatcher
          - fixed It Came From The Desert
          - fixed sound problems in Bloody Wolf, Photograph Boy and
            The Lost Sunheart
          - fixed flashy screen bug in Kabuki Den and a few other games
          - changed the default sound settings (lowered noise volume)
          - fixed the 'backup_ram' option in the pce.ini file
            (old mode was not enabled)

    v1.0.0 PR 5:

          - fixed the fullscreen bug of PR 4
          - added little state boxes in the gamepad config menu;
            you can now press a control on your gamepad and get
            a visual feedback of its state, this will make easier
            to match a control to its name in the list :)
          - changed the boot cd menu so that you can also use
            your gamepad to select the cd-rom drive
          - fixed Final Match Tennis graphics bug
          - improved the sound emulation (implemented an
            undocumented noise mode)
          - added new buttons in the video config panel to
            configure the vsync and windowed options

    v1.0.0 PR 4:

          - new options to control the gamepad calibration
          - ajusted the gamepad default calibration
          - fixed a little bug in the sound emulation
          - fixed a bug in the video emulation that could freeze
            or crash the emulator
          - fixed a bug in the cd-da player
          - fixed a bug in the pce cd-rom detection
          - improved the windowed mode (auto centering,
            remember window pos, etc...)
          - doesn't exit anymore if you don't have a cd-rom drive

    v1.0.0 PR 3:

          - changed gamepad code
          - fixed a crash bug in the load menu
          - fixed cd-da looping
          - hide/show the cursor
          - tiny fixes/improvements here and there

    v1.0.0 PR 2:

          - new cdda buffer code
          - new options in the pce.ini file to control cdda playing
          - new options to enable/disable the FPS counter and
            the volume meter
          - new option to enable/disable vsync, and a special vsync
            mode when running in windowed mode
          - cleaned up gamepad code
          - additionnal gamepad debugging infos in the log.txt file
          - quick and dirty fix for the boot cd menu bug
          - enabled turbo mode
          - saves rom directory path

    v1.0.0 PR 1:

          Oh, too many new things to list them all! :)

          This version is a preview release, the final 1.0 version
          will be released very soon!
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