[CONS] Mednafen v0.8.4 RC1

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[CONS] Mednafen v0.8.4 RC1

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   Added preliminary support for inputting text directly into the selected address space in the debugger's memory editor.

   Moved the temporal video blurring code in mednafen.cpp to vblur.cpp

   Added settings "filesys.snap_samedir", "filesys.sav_samedir", "filesys.state_samedir", and "filesys.movie_samedir", default 0, that when
   set to 1, will read/write the respective files from/to the same directory the game was loaded from.  If you want
   to use these, PLEASE read the documentation first, there are caveats!

   PCE CD, PC-FX:  Added support for MS WAV file offsets and lengths in TOC files.

   PCE CD, PC-FX:  Fixed a bug that caused CD-DA playback to be off by one sector(the first sector specified was being skipped).

   Began work to allow settings to be temporarily overridden during netplay and movie playback.

   PCE, PC-FX:  Added settings "pce.disable_softreset" and "pcfx.disable_softreset", default 0, which when set to 1 will disable
   simultaneous pressing of RUN and SEL.  The current implementation kind of abuses the driver-side code that disallows opposing diagonal buttons
   being pressed at the same time, so if we ever change that (undocumented) feature to go with the last-pressed direction rather than
   clearing both, the description of these settings in the documentation will need to be updated.

   PCE CD, PC-FX:  Read operations and CD-DA playback will now be stopped when the RST signal is asserted(fixes soft reset issues on PCE CD
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