[NGPx] NeoPop v0.71 / v1.06b и Koyote v0.5.0

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[NGPx] NeoPop v0.71 / v1.06b и Koyote v0.5.0

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10 SEP 2002

        Core v0.71
        - TLCS-900h counts extra cycles for addressing modes.
        - Tweaked and optimised the timers, now they're more accurate.
        - Fixes music in "Cool Cool Jam" and improves "Card Fighters".
        - Emulates more instructions per 'emulate' call, makes things faster.
        - Put frameskipping back in.
        - Made flash writes even more secure.

        Win32 v1.06
        - Fixed the window size, it was 1 pixel too tall and was causing
          subtle stretching artefacts.
        - Mostly translated the link-up dialog.
        - "Misc. Options" dialog. for various options.
        - Windowed/Full-screen mode is restored from registry on startup.
        - More translated strings/dialogs/menus.
        - Added adaptoid N64 D-Pad support.
        - Put frameskipping back in.
        - Compressed with the latest version of UPX.
        - Improved sound consistancy, especially the noise channel - tones and
          noises are now maintained during mute, etc. And will be restored
          correctly from a saved state. This was a long-time problem.
        - Added full screen width stretching.

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- Koyote 0.5.0 -

* Added: Classic/Color hardware autodetection
* Added: Drag and drop support
* Optimized: Half brightness scanlines and skin filters
* Changed: Rom loading system
* Changed: Configuration file
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