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[JAG] Project Tempest v0.95 и Virtual Jaguar v1.0.7

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Project Tempest v0.95 Released

This version fixes some issues with CDI version 4.0 files.

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Virtual Jaguar v1.0.7 GCC/SDL


* Various fixes to make for smoother compilation on MacOS. [Adam Green]

* Fixes to filetype parsing. VJ now properly recognizes .abs, .jag, .rom,

  and .j64 files--be sure to check the README for the gory details! [Shamus]

* Added a kludge to allow homebrew demos to run without a Stubulator ROM and

  without crashing the emulator. [Shamus]

* Fixed a blitter intensity addition problem. This fixes the title in Hover

  Strike and the road/shadows in Checkered Flag. [Shamus]

* Partially fixed a problem with the SUBC opcode in the RISC processors. This

  allows Hover Strike, Phase Zero and Fight For Life to boot into their title

  screens and makes them somewhat playable. [Shamus]

* Fixed a horizontal scaling problem in the OP and the off-by-one bug that it

  reintroduced. This fixes the road in Atari Karts and probably a few others.


* Fixed a long standing blitter bug that kept certain doors in AvP from

  rendering correctly. [Shamus]

* Fixed some vertical positioning bugs in the OP. Now Checkered Flag, Alien

  vs Predator and probably others now work as they should (graphically ;-)


* Better GUI support. Most options in the GUI work now, and more are expected

  to be functional in the near future. [Shamus]

* Fixed a few more lingering blitter bugs (there are more to be found). This

  fixes most of the glitches in Cybermorph and Alien vs Predator. [Shamus]

* Fixed an Object Processor scaled bitmap bug that caused incorrect

  positioning of scaled bitmaps that started outside the line buffer, and

  also fixed a problem that caused the OP to hang in certain situations. This

  fixes Bubsy, International Sensible Soccer, and probably a few others.


* Cleaned up various bits of video rendering related code. [nwagenaar]

* Added support for OpenGL textures with a depth of 16bpp, 24bpp or 32bpp.


* Rewrote several OpenGL related rendering code concerning the new OpenGL

  texture depths and texture sizes. [nwagenaar]

* Rewrote several OpenGL rendering functions concerning speed related items.


* Several bugs resolved due to OpenGL and normal rendering code. [nwagenaar]

* Default resolution for OpenGL is now 640x480 [nwagenaar]