[CPS3] CPX3 v1.0a

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[CPS3] CPX3 v1.0a

Непрочитанное сообщение neoforma » 02.09.07 в 0:15

Единственный в своём роде эмулятор Capcom Play System 3 для Xbox (не путать с Xbox 360).

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Version 1.0a

Fixed controls not being saved after configuration.
Fixed sound interpolation settings not being saved.
Fixed sprite/bg 1-pixel misalignment
Fixed autoframeskip code when using PAL50 screen modes. I've added an option in the Video settings
to select if you want to keep the PAL50 mode (and play at 50fps) or switch the xbox to PAL60 (not
supported in old TVs). You must reset the emulator for this option to take effect.
Rearranged the controls to a more standard layout:
   Insert coin is now the BACK button, Service (credit) is white button, Test is black button,
   GUI Enter/Exit is right thumbstick button.
The Virtual Memory cache was being stored in the Permament Title Storage, in the current partition. Now
it's stored in the Utility Partition, that is cleared when a new title is loaded.
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