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[TG16] Ootake v1.23

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  2007/08/13 1.23 released
  - "The processing that takes timing when CD sound source is played (mounted
    from v1.19)" was sped up. And, the stability has been improved. In a
    personal computer environment not fast, I think that it was almost lost
    that the game stops when CD-ROM is accessed.
  - The operation of "PC Engine Mouse" was modeled on a real machine. And, the
    processing was sped up, too. In addition, the amount of the movement were
    elaborately adjusted, and the cursor was made easy to operate.
  - In "Doukyuusei", the problem that the screen fell into disorder
    occasionally was solved. *The screen falls into disorder uncommonly with a
    real machine when playing with the mouse.
  - In the auto-play demo of "Toilet Kids", the problem that had been freezed
    was solved.
  - Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted.